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World Sight Day 2021 – Love Your Eyes

It is WORLD SIGHT DAY, a day set aside globally to advocate for the prevention of avoidable blindness and raise awareness of the importance of paying attention to your eye health.

The theme for this World Sight Day is LOVE YOUR EYES.

“The eyes are keys to independent living. Without them, you will be unable to do so many things on your own. Since they are irreplaceable, you should give them the love and attention they deserve”.


  1. Prevent eye infections by avoiding rubbing your eyes. If you must rub them, wash them before you do so. It is also a good thing to make handwashing a habit. It is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent the spread of infections by contact.
  2. Prevent eye injuries by protecting your eyes with safety eyewear whenever you are involved in activities that expose your eyes to hazards like dust, flying objects, chemicals, hot substances, and more.
  3. Prevent sun-associated eye damages like cataract, macular degeneration, pterygium, and more by wearing sunglasses whenever you are spending a lot of time out in the sun.
  4. Prevent eye strain by blinking consciously and taking breaks while using your digital devices.
  5. Prevent eye problems associated with nutritional deficiencies by eating healthy meals rich in fruits and vegetables.
  6. Protect your optic nerve and limit its damage by glaucoma by encouraging good circulation to the eyes through regular aerobic exercises.
  7. Avoid being taken unawares by eye problems by doing a comprehensive eye examination every 1 – 2 years.
  8. Learn about your eye health risks and how to take better care of your eyes. There are many eye health resources on our website ( and our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook  with ID  @kesonaeyecare (clinic)  and @eyecarengonline (our MD). You can also book an appointment for a virtual consultation when you need advice.

Finally, we are open to attend to your eye care needs at the clinic. If you have not done an eye exam this year, walk into the clinic today or anytime before the end of the year to do so. 

Go show your eyes some love.