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Kesona Eye Centre welcomes school children on an excursion to the clinic

On the last day of May 2024, the Management and Staff of Kesona Eye Centre gladly welcomed the Love World School children on an excursion to the clinic.

Led by Mrs. Gabrielle, a representative of Love World School, the excited and curious young children were very interested in learning about the ophthalmic instruments and their uses in eye care practice.

Dr. Sheila, one of the optometrists at Kesona Eye Centre delivered an enlightening talk on the importance of taking proper care of the eyes right from childhood. It was undeniably obvious that a stage for new learning experiences had been set as the pupils listened to her with rapt attention and in between the talks asked very intelligent questions.

Dr. Sheila spoke about the important role of the eyes as vital sensory organs. She expressively passed the message about the need for intentional eye care, explaining it with clear examples. She mentioned the role of hand hygiene in preventing ocular infections and cautioned against playing with sharp objects. She advised the pupils to avoid playing with toys with sharp edges and sharp objects such as pencils, pens, et cetera to avoid eye injuries as they can damage one’s eyesight. Each piece of advice was charged with a sense of importance and care, leaving a lasting impression on the young minds.

On the issue of screen time and eye health, Dr Sheila said that reducing screen time to the barest minimum for kids will help to prevent headaches and eye strain. She recommended two hours or less of screen time in a day and to help with achieving the time limit, she advised that the pupils use printed materials like books instead, perform more outdoor activities and get enough sleep every day. She told them that the excessive use of digital devices is a major reason why more and more children and young adults are having eye issues and wearing glasses today and, that if they wanted to reduce their risk, they needed to limit screen time to the recommended levels.

On nutrition and eye health, she advised the pupils to good food and ensure that they eat lots of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, oranges, lemons, grapefruit et cetera rather than eating snacks as eating foods that contain nutrients for healthy eyes can mean healthy eyes. She said eating foods rich in Vitamins A, C, E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Zinc can help protect your eyes from diseases.

Dr Sheila went on to show the pupils the different equipment in the clinic and explained at their level what the instruments are used for. Some of the equipment the children engaged with include the autorefractor/keratometer, trial lenses box, slit lamp biomicroscope, and LED visual acuity display with different charts, among many others, captured the pupils’ imagination and encouraged a sincere appreciation for the science behind vision care. The carefully selected display explained these instruments’ functionalities and sparked interest among the pupils, which showed a deep appreciation for vision care.

One of the pupils, Victor, shared his experience of changes in his eyes between waking up in the morning and a few hours into the day. He asked if he had an eye condition but the doctor answered that it is normal for his eyes to feel that way in the morning and improve as he gets ready for the day. She, however, advised the pupil to reduce his screen time and get enough sleep at night and that if the symptoms persist, he should see an eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

A total of thirty pupils, six female teachers and a male teacher from Love World School were hosted and the Admin and Patient Care Officer, Uju, Marketing and Communication Officer, Damilola and the front desk/office Opeyemi supported Dr Sheila to make the Excursion a memorable one for the guests.

The end of the excursion was marked with heartfelt gratitude from the pupils and teachers, highlighting the new interest and impact of the excursion. Flyers bearing important eye care information were distributed, showing a commitment to imparting the knowledge. A collective group photograph to celebrate the new experience, preserving the shared memories of an enlightening day at Kesona Eye Centre.