An Eye Care Centre Committed to Excellence in Patient Care and Empowerment

About Us

About Us

Kesona Eye Centre is an eye care facility committed to excellence in patient care and empowerment. Using the person-centred care approach, we offer a wide range of  preventive, curative and rehabilitative eye care services that address the eye care needs of patients in their environment. We also offer eye care devices such as prescription eye glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, safety eyewear and other eye care products required for optimal eye health and visual function. services

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What We Do


We offer comprehensive eye examination comprising of a battery of eye tests aimed at assessing your visual function and determining the health status of your eyes. Based on your test results and related considerations, we offer the most suitable preventive, treatment and rehabilitative eye care option for you.


We care about how well you see and look at the same time with your eyeglasses, contact lenses and other optical aids/devices. We offer a broad range of lenses and frames to suit different budgets and tastes. We help you choose the most suitable ones and ensure they are fitted properly.


Ensuring that patients have with the knowledge, skills and tools to care for their eyes is at the heart of what we do. From eye health and safety education to self-management skill development to the supply of your eye care products, we ensure that you have all you need to make the right eye health decisions and manage your eye conditions beyond the eye centre.


We provide workplace eye safety consulting services including hazard assessments, advisory services, occupational vision assessment and correction, eye safety program development, trainings, dispensing and fitting of protective eyewear. Our clients are assured of the safety of the eyes at work as well as optimal visual performance for users of computers and other video display terminals.

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