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Answer the questions below

Can you see small prints well?

Can you see things far from you well?

Are you able to use your computers and phones without eye pain, headache or other discomfort?

Have you done a comprehensive eye exam in the past 2 years?

If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘NO’ we can help.

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Three reasons why you need good vision to work

We all know that knowledge, experience, skills, good work tools and attitude are essential for performing well at work. But, do you know that good vision is equally important? Here are reasons why you need a good vision to work

5 Ways Eye Problems Affect Work

The eyes are very important work tools. So when they have problems, they affect work in various ways. Here are 5 major ways eye problems affect work

5 costly eye health mistakes workers should avoid

Prevent eye discomfort, reduce the impact of vision problems and get more work done in less time by avoiding the mistakes in this free e-book.

5 steps to maintaining good vision at work

Good vision is an essential tool for doing a great job at work. You need to be able to see your tasks clearly, use your eyes comfortably, and also keep them safe from harm as you perform your job.  Here are 5 steps you can take to maintain good vision at work: 1 – Know… 

One reason some people develop eye symptoms on starting a new job

One reason some people develop eye symptoms on starting a new job is that they have asymptomatic undiagnosed eye problems that begin to manifest when the eyes are exposed to more visually demanding tasks

All-in-one-solution for people who experience light sensitivity

Does light make you uncomfortable? Read this to learn about the all-in-one solution for people who experience light sensitivity also known as photophobia.