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Happy Children’s Day

Happy children's day flier

On this special day, we celebrate all children, especially our patients. Thank you so much for being a part of our valued clients.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide outstanding eye care services to our paediatric patients. Read the testimonials from some of them below.

In my classroom, I always had to sit in front and squint my eyes. Sometimes, I even have to stand just in front of the board. I told my mum, and she took me to Kesona. Dr Ben checked my eyes and found out that I needed glasses.

When I got my glasses, it was like everywhere was cartoon. Everything was clear. Since I got my glasses, life has been better. Watching the TV is easy. I just see everything well.

I love my glasses.

I had difficulties seeing the board in class from my seat until my dad took me to Kesona Eye Clinic for a comprehensive test. It was fun and engaging. Since I got my glasses, I have been seeing clearly. It also helps me to see the TV at home well, otherwise, I would need to stand in front of the screen.

Thanks for the sling and the case you made my dad add to it, they’ve really helped me to protect and preserve it.

Many thanks for the beautiful glasses I got from Kesona Eye Centre. It is my sight in class, while I walk in the sun and at home.

Thanks for your tips on how to keep it safe, the sling and the case. They’re helpful but I’ve dropped the sling and I still have my glasses intact; I’m a big girl!

We say a big thank you to the parents and guradians of our paediatric patients for trusting us with the eye care of the children.