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Tips on caring for your eyes during the rainy season

While we love the rain for keeping the weather cool, it can have some unpleasant effects, even on the eyes and vision.

The rain can do the following:

  • Make it difficult to see objects clearly because it causes sharp changes and distortion of their images.
  • Make driving risky because it scatters light from various sources. This increases glare and makes it difficult to see other cars, pedestrians and road signs while driving.
  • Increase the risk of eye infections like conjunctivitis because viral and bacterial infections generally thrive and spread during the rainy season.

This is why you must take extra steps to maintain good vision during the rainy season.

To keep your eyes healthy and safe this season, here are things you must do:

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  2. If you must touch your eyes, wash them properly before you do so.
  3. Do not share personal items like handkerchiefs, towels and eye makeup.
  4. Use, clean and store contact lenses as recommended by your eye doctor.
  5. Wear a protective eye mask while swimming.
  6. Ensure that your vision is good enough for driving. You need to be able to see things far ahead and at your sides and must be able to judge the distance of objects from your car correctly. If you have doubts or have not done an eye check in the past two years, visit the clinic, and get your eyes checked (and vision corrected if necessary) to ensure that your vision is good enough for driving.

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