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By Dr. Rose Azuike

One fateful day, after performing dry eye evaluation on a patient, we were discussing her treatment and she said, “Dr Rose, you doctors keep saying we should eat healthy meals; but what foods available here can I eat to help my condition?” Then it struck me that sometimes when patients default on their treatment it may not be due to lack of will. They may not understand the treatment recommendations or how to go about applying them.

Since diet and supplementation was an important part of her dry eye treatment, I promised to put together some information on common locally available foods that contain nutrients that can help her condition. Thereafter, I came up with this dry eye meal guide.ย 

Now I am giving it out free to anyone who has challenges deciding on eye-friendly meals to eat here in Nigeria.

Note that it is only a guide to locally available foods that can help reduce dry eye symptoms and improve general eye health over time. It is not a meal plan for weight loss or weight gain. As always recommended, consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.

To get the guide enter your details and submit and it will be sent to you.