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5 dangers of eye treatment without proper diagnosis

Eye treatment without proper diagnosis is dangerous. It can lead to complications, including vision loss.

A proper diagnosis is got from a thorough examination of the eyes and assessment of signs and symptoms by a qualified eye care professional.

Self-diagnosis or diagnosis by unqualified persons are not proper and expose you to many risks. The 5 most common ones are:

  1. Wrong treatment – Without a proper diagnosis, you run the risk of getting the wrong diagnosis. A wrong diagnosis leads to bad treatment choices and other problems which you will find below as you read.
  2. Delay in proper eye care – Administering the wrong treatment leads to a delay in seeking proper care. Naturally, when you are undergoing treatment, you allow some time for it to work. This is okay if the treatment is right. However, it is dangerous when the treatment is wrong because you spend the time you would have used to get proper care waiting for a treatment that ends up not working.
  3. Worsened eye condition – As you delay proper eye care, your eye condition may get worse and cause complications, including vision loss.
  4. Adverse reactions – You run the risk of using contraindicated drugs or applying inaccurate doses when treatment is prescribed by unqualified persons. This can lead to adverse reactions
  5. Higher cost of treatment – It is always cheaper and easier to treat eye conditions in their early stages. Delaying proper treatment leads to worsened eye conditions/complications which cost more.

To avoid these risks, make it a habit to get a professional diagnosis before starting an eye treatment.

For mild eye conditions, you can try recommended home remedies for 24 – 48 hours. If your eye condition does not improve or gets worse, consult the eye doctor. Also, if you have not done a routine eye exam in the past two years, we recommend you visit the clinic to get it done before the year ends.

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