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Do-It-Yourself Eye Check Guide

Good vision is essential for performing daily tasks, learning, earning a living and living a full life. Once it is lost, it is difficult and in some cases impossible to recover. Therefore, taking steps to protect it is crucial.

One essential step to protecting your vision is going for regular eye checks. The general recommendation is to go for a comprehensive eye examination every 1 – 2 years. However, you may need more frequent checks if you already have an eye problem or are at risk of developing one.

While following the recommended eye check schedule would greatly reduce your risks of vision loss from eye problems, there are situations where eye problems arise before your next appointment with your doctor. These problems may be subtle and difficult to observe unless you pay special attention to your eyes.

Checking your eyes at home from time to time can help you observe eye problems early enough and see your doctor on time for proper care and assistance.

This e-book contains information on the different eye tests you can do at home to help you keep tab on your eye health. They can help you avoid being taken unawares by a potentially vision-threatening eye condition. 

To get this free guide for checking your eyes and monitoring your vision at home, fill the form below and submit and it will be sent to you.

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