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Seeing well after 40 broadcast

They say “life begins at 40”, but so do many other things, like age-related eye problems.

As we get older, our eyes and vision change. Most people observe this change in their 40s. Though, there are a few people who start to notice vision changes as early as 35 or as late as 50 years. 

The first change most people observe is the gradual loss of the ability to read tiny prints. Other problems such as needing more light to see well, decreased contrast sensitivity, increased discomfort with glare and dry eye are also common. There is also an increased risk of developing chronic, vision-threatening eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and more. All these reduce one’s ability to see clearly, use their eyes comfortably and achieve their goals. 

To help people maintain a clear and comfortable vision even as age-related changes set in, we created the ‘SEEING WELL AFTER 40’ broadcast

The ‘seeing well after 40’ broadcast is a WhatsApp-based weekly distribution of information and tips for maintaining good vision even with age-related vision changes. 

This broadcast is most suitable for people aged 40 years and above, and those who are younger and already experiencing age-related vision changes. 

To subscribe to the weekly broadcast, send ‘TIPS’ via WhatsApp to 08057432289.

If you know people that would benefit from this broadcast, kindly share this information with them.