see better work smarter eye care plan
The easiest way to improve your vision and work at your best.

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We created the See Better, Work Smarter Eye Care Plan to help you manage your eye problems and overcome their sneaky and costly effects at work.

Deep knowledge of your job, great skills and experience are essential for doing your job well, but, they will not matter much if you have an eye problem that affects your performance and productivity at work.

Ensuring that you work with a clear and comfortable vision is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your career or business. With a clear and comfortable vision, you avoid loss of time, reputation, income and other direct and indirect costs of eye problems at work.

The See Better Work Smarter Annual Eye Care Plan will help you achieve these.

Are you are tired of experiencing eye discomfort at work?

Are you tired of making mistakes or falling behind schedule due to eye health challenges?

Do you want to work with your best vision?

We are here to help you.

We plan to launch the eye care plan in August and the registration period will only last for a month.

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The are two levels of care.

  1. The self-care support level: At this level, we provide support to help you take care of your eye health needs. This includes:
    • Virtual consultation
    • 5-day monthly eye care challenges
    • See better work smarter book to guide you through relieving eye symptoms, managing eye problems and overcoming their effects at work.
  2. Comprehensive care level: At this level we take care of your clinical needs in addition to what is provided at the self care support level. In addition to self care support, you get:
    • Comprehensive eye examination
    • Occupational vision assessment
    • Customized antiblue lenses for work

This involves one 15 minutes consultation with an eye doctor via a video call to discuss your eye care challenges and get advice for conditions that do not require clinic visit. If during the call, it is discovered that condition requires clinic visit, that will be recommended.

These are 5-day eye care challenges done once every month. You can do them in the comfort of your home or workplace. We will guide you and provide tips and reminders to help you perform the challenge.

This is performed by an eye doctor at the clinic, to assess occupational vision needs and identify visual abilities that need improvement.

This involves a detailed examination of your  eyes by an eye doctor who will check for risks and abnormalities, diagnose eye problems (if any), determine your lens prescription, and make treatment recommendations.

The customized anti-blue lenses are antiblue lenses that have the lens prescription got during your eye examination incorporated into them. Please note that only single vision customized anti-blue lenses are fully covered in the plan. Other lens types come at an extra cost.

This is a 5-chapter guide to relieving eye symptoms, managing eye problems that affect work and overcoming their sneaky and costly effects, written by the eye care professionals at Kesona Eye Centre. The cost of the book is N 5,000 but will be given to subscribers free of charge.

Self Care Support Level

N 10,000

First week of registration – N 8,000 (20% off)

2nd and 3rd week of registration – N 9,000 (10% off)

Last week of registration, price reverts to normal

Plan is valid for one year

Comprehensive Care Level

N 32,000

First week of registration – N 25,600 (20% off)

2nd and 3rd week of registration – N 28,800 (10% off)

Last week of registration, price reverts to normal

Plan is valid for one year