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A man having difficulty reading small prints
Having Difficulty Reading Small Prints?

Could you easily read newspapers, and other materials, and now you are above 35 years and having difficulty reading small prints? There is a good chance you have developed presbyopia.

Do-it-yourself eye check guide for home eye check
Do-It-Yourself Eye Check Guide

Learn how to check your eyes and monitor your vision at home by yourself with this do-it-yourself eye check guide. It contains information on the different eye tests you can do at home to help you kee…

Relieve Eye Discomfort, See better work smarter, a free email series for workers
Learn How to Overcome Eye Discomfort at Work

Stay productive at work with a clear and comfortable vision as you join other workers to learn how to overcome eye discomfort at work from our See Better Work Smarter Learning Series

eye problem at work
5 Ways Eye Problems Affect Work

The eyes are very important work tools. So when they have problems, they affect work in various ways. Here are 5 major ways eye problems affect work

A woman experiencing dry eye sndrome at work
The Commonly Misunderstood Cause of Burning Itchy Watery Eyes

Burning, itching and watery eyes are often thought to be due to allergies, but, sometimes, that is not the case.