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World Sight Day 2021 banner, Love Your Eyes
World Sight Day 2021 – Love Your Eyes

Love your eyes. They are irreplaceable and are key to independent living. Learn ways you can love your eyes from our World Sight Day 2021 message.

7 common causes of problems with new eyeglasses and how to solve them

Many people experience problems with new eyeglasses. Rather than abandon them, the best thing to do is to find out the cause of these problems and get them sovled with the help of an eye doctor

Presbyopia | age-related farsightedness | most common eye problem in 40-60 year olds
The easiest way to manage the most common eye problem in 40-60 year olds

The most common eye problem in 40-60 year olds is presbyopia. It is the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, making it difficult to read tiny prints or perform other near task…

A man having difficulty reading small prints
Having Difficulty Reading Small Prints?

Could you easily read newspapers, and other materials, and now you are above 35 years and having difficulty reading small prints? There is a good chance you have developed presbyopia.

Do-it-yourself eye check guide for home eye check
Do-It-Yourself Eye Check Guide

Learn how to check your eyes and monitor your vision at home by yourself with this do-it-yourself eye check guide. It contains information on the different eye tests you can do at home to help you kee…