Eyewear Gallery

We care about how well our patients see and look in their eyewear. So, we offer a range of eyeglasses and contact lenses to meet different needs and styles.

We have;

  • Hundreds of frames that suit individual needs and style.
  • Original eyeglass frames such as Reebok, Hugo Boss, TomDiesel, Dsquared, Karl Lagerfield, Nike, Bulget, Marcuso and many more.
  • Assorted eyeglass frames for kids.
  • Good quality lenses incluing single vision lenses, bifocals and progressive lenses.
  • Digital eyeglasses and blue-light blocking eyeglasses.
  • Daily and monthly contact lenses with lens care solution.
  • Eyewear accessories such as storage cases, eyeglass cleaning and repair kit

Eyeglass Frames Collection

Here is a collection of some of the eyewear we stock. More eyewear are available at the clinic.

Visit our clinic today to see what we have or call 08057432289 for enquiries.