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Eye Health at Work

eye health at work

The eyes are a pair of essential work tools that are often not given the attention they deserve.

Without them, you won’t be able to do a lot of things well especially at work.

You may have deep knowledge of your job, great skills, and extensive experience, but these will not matter much if you have eye problems that significantly lower your ability to do your job well.

It is estimated that common eye problems like refractive errors, eye strain, infections, and injuries lower work productivity by as much as 20%

They do this by causing:

  • Frequent and sometimes costly mistakes in documents
  • Poor concentration at work
  • Reduced work pace
  • Absenteeism (due to time spent in recovering from eye infections and injuries).

In extreme cases, eye problems can lead to permanent loss of vision and inability to work.

The sad thing is that many workers are usually not aware of the impact of eye problems on their work performance and productivity until significant damage is done. So, this is to draw your attention to these and also help you maintain good vision.

Most eye problems that affect work can be prevented, treated, or managed well enough to enable you do your job well.

On a general note, we recommend that everyone gets a comprehensive eye check done every one to two years, depending on their age and existing risk factors. We also recommend that those who need vision correction, vision quality enhancement, eye protection, or guidance on eye health issues be provided with these to help them see clearly, work comfortably and deliver their best at work.

Our eye care professionals are available to recommend and provide the most appropriate solutions to help you maintain good eye health at work. Call 08057432289 or click here to book an appointment.

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